Diabetic Clinic in Siliguri

Diabetes is a group of diseases that impact the rise, fall and use of blood sugar or blood glucose in human body. It is extremely challenging to have this medical condition as it has no cure, and can only be managed by maintaining your lifestyle according to your doctor which may be determined through your blood sugar level. Diabetes can be a life threatening disease as it can cause diabetic coma, a complication that causes unconsciousness when your blood sugar level is dangerously high or low. Therefore, you should never take it lightly and immediately take step if you experience any kind of symptoms that may give rise to diabetes. You can visit any Diabetic clinic in siliguri that can offer you the best help as per your diabetic health requirements. Get diagnosed and manage your sugar flow with the best Diabetologist in siliguri at Manokamna Multi- Speciality Hospital, Siliguri.

Best Diabetic Clinic In Siliguri – A Focus On Your Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes in Siliguri


There are various types of diabetes that are diagnosed in the diabetic clinic in Siliguri, among which the most common ones are cited below -

Type 1 Diabetes:

Also called juvenile diabetes, this type of diabetes occurs mostly in adolescence and young people, when your immune system while fighting against the diseases, attacks and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. In this type of diabetes, your body doesn’t produce insulin and you have to take it every day through the injection. Your Diabetologist in Siliguri diabetic clinic will diagnose the type 1 diabetes by testing your blood sugar level.
They may test your urine for glucose or chemical your body makes when you don’t have enough insulin.


Extreme thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, blurry vision, frequent infections on skin, shaking and confusion, rapid breathing, fruity smell to your breath, belly pain etc.

If you are observing these kinds of symptoms then you should contact to the diabetic clinic in siliguri where you can be directed properly by the Diabetologist in Siliguri.

Type 2 Diabetes

This is the most common type of diabetes mostly found in the mid or old aged people. It happens if your body produces low insulin or doesn’t know how to manage it. The diabetic clinic in siliguri offers tests like - random blood sugar test, fasting blood sugar test and oral glucose tolerance test.

Diabetologist in Siliguri


numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, dark skin specially on the neck and armpits, slow healing sores, frequent thirst, urination and infection, fatigue etc.
Avoiding the symptoms may cause a great risk in your health, so you should seek for the diabetologist in siliguri who can conclude your worries in no time.

Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes is found in women during pregnancy. The tests conducted by the diabetologist in siliguri for gestational diabetes are – initial glucose challenge test and follow up glucose tolerance test.


sugar in urine, vaginal, bladder and skin infections, unexplained weight loss, nausea, vomiting etc.

According to Diabetologist in siliguri, it may go by its own after delivery and the sugar lever in your blood will come back to normal. But it is recommended to pay a visit to diabetic clinic in siliguri at least once for the safety purposes because it can cause the premature and stillbirth and perhaps you will be more likely to develop severe later in life.

Today the rate of diabetes mellitus is growing rapidly with the estimated cases of 72.96 million adult diabetes in India alone. It can cause a lot of major health complications such as, cardiovascular issues, nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, foot Skin infections, erectile dysfunction, hearing loss, depression, dementia etc. Before developing these types of health risks, be prompt to call your nearest diabetic clinic in siliguri and manage your diabetes with great ease under the vigilance of diabetologist in siliguri, who may understand and diagnose your health condition before it is too late.