Dialysis In Siliguri

Dialysis is a highly effective treatment for kidney malfunction. When the kidneys no longer function properly, excessive fluid builds up inside the body. Here dialysis operated by a machine helps the body eliminate extra fluid and toxins from the blood in the most relevant manner under expert supervision.

Manokamna Hospital provides the best-in-class facilities for dialysis in Siliguri backed by a well-appointed medical team, including doctors, technicians, nurses, and an advanced clinical setup. This renal replacement therapy is a common alternative to the natural filtration of the kidneys.

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Specialists recommend dialysis for end-stage renal disease when kidney function is 85-90% lost and sometimes for acute kidney injury. It purifies the blood with the help of a dialyzer (dialysis machine). Dialysis aids in excess toxins removal from the body, balancing vital nutrients like sodium, potassium, and calcium, and regulating blood pressure.

Types of Dialysis Performed

In hemodialysis, the dialysis technician places two needles into the arm, and a numbing solution is applied. It's the most common type of dialysis, in which blood goes through the filter outside the body. This procedure takes some 3-5 hours and is performed three times a week or as required. Optimum facilities for dialysis in Siliguri at Manokamna Hospital cater to patients' promising recovery.

Peritoneal dialysis uses a cleansing fluid to flow through a tube/catheter into the inner lining of the abdomen to help filter waste, extra fluid, and chemicals in the blood. A patient might need 3-5 exchanges during the day in case of peritoneal dialysis and each exchange of fluid takes nearly 30-40 minutes.