It is the medical facility in which the diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat get treated. The specialists treat various kinds of infections and diseases from these areas. Our hospital has acquired some of the most reputed names from the ENT department in North Bengal and is here to provide you with the best treatment with modern amenities. In ENT, specialists mainly treat nasal obstruction, hearing issues, tonsillitis, etc.

Treatments we offer

Nasal obstruction: Nasal steroid sprays are often helpful to treat nose obstruction, but if the issue remains for a longer period, the patient should consult with an ENT specialist. Surgery might be required to diminish the obstruction.

Otoscopy: The doctor checks your ear with an otoscope. It is a handle consist of a cone-shaped attachment that gets inserted into the ear canal for the doctor to perform a thorough examination. Some of the other treatments that we offer are the  Tuning Fork test, Throat swab etc.

Manokamna Hospital concentrates on providing the best treatment for Ear, Nose and Throat to the people of North Bengal and its surroundings. Our specialists have years of experience and take care of patients’ health. We make sure the patient returns home happy and be delighted with our provided service.

Frequently Asked Question

It occurs when the fluid gets trapped in the middle ear following an ear infection.

If your child is suffering from hearing loss, it is recommended to use a hearing aid.

No, it can create some mild reduction in hearing but nowhere near to deafness.

It is a condition when someone’s sleep gets disturbed due to frequent breathing stoppages.

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