Radiology is the medical branch in which the specialists diagnose your body with the help of medical imaging procedures. Some of the most common radiology procedures are X-Ray, Computed Tomography (CT) scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) etc. The tests are unique and allow the doctors to look into the inside of different organs.

Radiology is an extremely important medical branch as it helps the doctors to diagnose the patient and their state. It is particularly useful for detecting cancer. Early detection can save a life from cancer. We, at Manokamna Diabetics and Multi-Speciality Hospital, concentrate on providing the best-in-class diagnostic imaging services in our hospital to provide the patients and doctors with maximum satisfaction.

Treatments we offer

In our hospital, we offer you the most advanced radiology treatments with modern pieces of machinery. We believe in delivering accurate diagnoses for our patients and concentrate on providing the best results possible. Some of the services we offer in our hospital are X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Fluoroscopy, Colour Doppler, Mammography, Ultrasound etc.

We, at Manokamna Diabetics and Multi-Speciality Hospital, provide the best treatment for Radiology in Siliguri. The experienced radiologists that we have acquired in our hospital make sure they deliver you the ideal result so that the doctors can treat your ailment accordingly. We are working tirelessly to be a household name for the people of North Bengal regarding medical treatments.

Frequently Asked Question

Most X-Ray procedures do not take more than 15 minutes to perform.

You will lie flat on a movable bed and the radiologist will enter your bed position into the scanner depending on the part of your body that needs the scanning.

The physician can uniquely specify the region where you need the X-Ray to happen.

A CT scan report provides us with a detailed image of a bone or an internal organ

No, the radiation limit from these operations is pretty low. Although, a pregnant lady should with the doctor before proceeding