The Best Hospital To Prevent Diabetes Complications

The Best Hospital To Prevent Diabetes Complications


Like high blood pressure, high blood sugar is also called the silent killer. Poorly treated diabetes/high blood sugar, over time, results in other health conditions. First, to avoid the development of diabetes, you need to be attentive to your lifestyle. Because no matter if you have a family history of diabetes or not, you can catch this disease at any time.

But if you’ve already been diagnosed with diabetes, a healthy way of eating and living can save you from health concerns. Under the supervision of a medical expert, you can expect to have optimal healing. For diabetes management, you might consider seeing a diabetologist at the leading hospital in Siliguri.


There is a wide range of signs you may develop with diabetes that include – excessive thirst, peeing a lot, elevated hunger, dry mouth, frequent skin infections, blurry vision, losing weight without trying. It’s always wise to let a specialist know your discomforts at the earliest. And that can get you out-and-out support for keeping your blood sugar level in check.

Three main types of diabetes mellitus involve – Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes & Gestational diabetes. Type 1 diabetes, namely juvenile diabetes, is a chronic condition in which one’s pancreas creates little to no insulin.

Type 2 diabetes, medically termed adult-onset-diabetes, is also a life-long condition. In this type of diabetes, your body either resists insulin or doesn't make it.

Gestational diabetes or diabetes during pregnancy affects pregnant women. With gestational diabetes, one’s chance of developing type 2 diabetes increases. Plus, if you’re a prediabetic means your blood sugar level is higher than usual but not as high as to be considered diabetes, your risk of type 2 diabetes also uplifts.



Identifying the Complications of diabetes

It’s of importance that you understand what diabetes can lead to:

·       Different types of cardiovascular problems - chest pain, high blood pressure, narrowing of the arteries, stroke, high cholesterol, heart attack – can occur due to uncontrolled diabetes.

·       Diabetes puts you at great risk of kidney disease as well as kidney failure. High blood glucose, with time, affects the tiny filtering units (nephrons) of your kidneys. As a result, it may lead to kidney failure.

·       Nerves send electrical signals all over your body. But diabetes tends to damage your nerves which obstruct the way of sending messages to different sections of your body.

·       Eye damage is another prominent effect of diabetes. This chronic disease may result in damage to retinal blood vessels known as NPDR (no proliferative diabetic retinopathy). A build-up of fluid called edema in the macula (center of the retina) may destroy your vision eventually.

·       Oral health can also suffer from tons of conditions due to diabetes. People who’re diabetic may have a higher chance of developing cavities, gum infections, or even teeth bone damage. Connect with the top diabetologist in Siliguri at the most successful multi-specialty hospital to control your blood sugar level.

To prevent type 2 or gestational diabetes, the significance of a healthy lifestyle is incomparable. Keep your high blood sugar levels in a good state by listening to what your diabetologist suggests. A healthy living for diabetes management/prevention involves – taking a good portion of dietary fibers from wholesome foods, getting moderate physical activity, and avoiding alcohol, smoking/substance dependency.

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