Cardiology is the branch of medicine in which doctors treat patients with heart and circulatory system disorders. Cardiovascular disease can affect the heart and blood vessels. The department of Cardiology at Manokamna Diabetics and Multi-Speciality Hospital provides you with the best-in-class Cardiology treatment in Siliguri.

The doctors that we have acquired in our hospital have years of experience in treating patients successfully with heart issues with the help of advanced technologies and modern pieces of machinery. A physician can refer the patient to a cardiologist if the patient has shortness of breath, dizziness, high blood pressure etc.

Treatments we offer

Electrophysiology: Electrophysiology is a branch of cardiology to detect any abnormality in heart behaviour. The doctors check how the electric currents work inside the heart muscle tissue. An electrophysiology test is performed in which a catheter gets inserted into the body and makes its way to the heart. It helps the doctors to determine what are the causes behind the heart issues, whether or not the patient needs a pacemaker etc.

Cardiac Catheterization: A small tube that can take pictures and check the functioning of your heart. This procedure helps us to treat congenital cardiac and coronary disease.

Apart from these, we offer cardiology treatments like Nuclear Cardiology, Lead Extraction, Cardioversion etc.

We, at Manokamna Diabetics and Multi-Speciality Hospital, offer the best cardiology treatment in Siliguri. Our experienced cardiac experts and professionals take the utmost care in operating the patients and post-operation, they remain available to patients for consultation. We make sure the operations get completed successfully and without any hassle. Manokamna Hospital concentrates on providing the people of North Bengal and the surroundings the ideal treatment in our hospital and we are working tirelessly in achieving this feat.

Frequently Asked Question

Our experts will look into your health thoroughly by performing and diagnosis. We start our treatment in a non-surgical way, but if the patient requires surgery, then we proceed to do the same.

When tissue dies due to a lack of blood flow into the heart.

Cardiologists are the doctors who treat patients with heart and circulatory system disorders.

By catheterization, we mean that the introduction of a catheter into the blood vessel to measure the pressure.

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