Reasons For Getting Abdominal Pain

Reasons For Getting Abdominal Pain


Regardless of age, abdominal pain is a common health concern in people. It can be a sudden onset of intensifying pain that goes away shortly. Or, that pain can be ongoing. Consulting a healthcare provider is always wise. You may feel discomfort in your lower abdomen or between the chest and pelvic area.

Foodborne illnesses are one of the most common causes of stomach aches. Some reasons for stomach pain are concerning. And other reasons are not so alarming. In many cases, stomach pain causes immediate hospitalization. Reach out to the leading hospital in Siliguri city.

Possible causes of getting abdominal pain include:

Digestive Concerns

Sometimes digestive issues are short-term and not serious. Sometimes, abdominal pain can be recurrent due to serious digestive issues. Digestive illnesses like irritable bowel disease require long-term health management so as to keep your well-being in check. It can be indigestion, food poisoning, gastric pain, food allergies, diarrhea, or constipation that leads to stomach cramps.

Female Reproductive Health Concerns

Period cramps are common health complaints in females, ranging from mild to extreme. Higher amounts of hormonelike substances/prostaglandins released from the uterine lining cause a severe level of pain. At the same time, it can be ovulation pain may be due to ruptured follicles. Let your medical expert rule out the exact cause of having intensifying pain during menstrual cycles.


Gallstones form in your gallbladder that sits under your liver. Bile materials develop into hardened deposits that can be small, medium, or large in size. Such formation obstructing the bile flow may result in pain. If the condition remains undiagnosed can bring about inflammation and further complications. This pain used to occur in the upper right abdominal region or center of the abdomen. Make an appointment at the best hospital in Siliguri.

Stomach Flu

Inflammation of the intestine caused by viruses is the most common reason for stomach flu. One of the very first signs of stomach flu includes diarrhea. You may get a combination of symptoms here, such as abdominal pain, fever, body aches, headaches, vomiting, or nausea. With vomiting and passing watery stools, the chance of dehydration develops. Consult your general physician at the nearest location.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease, shortly termed GERD or acid reflux, is a medical condition in which stomach acid accounts for food pipe lining irritation. This chronic condition requires long-term lifestyle management. Common signs of GERD involve heartburn, upper abdominal pain, the pain felt in your chest region, trouble swallowing, vomiting, coughing, sore throats, etc. Visit your general physician at the best nursing home in Siliguri.

From diagnostic procedures to treatment plans, everything depends on the condition responsible for your abdominal pain. Doctors may recommend medications, lifestyle modifications, surgical procedures, etc. Kidney stones, urinary tract infections, or stomach ulcers can also be the cause of pain.

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