Best Hospital To Solve Neurological Problems

Best Hospital To Solve Neurological Problems


When your body shows signs, do not overlook them. Doctors consider neurological disorders if the condition revolves around your central and peripheral nervous system. It’s wise to let your specialist know your concerns beforehand.

There’re a number of neurological conditions that need medical assistance for recovery. Biochemical, structural, or electrical imbalances in your brain/ nerves throughout your body bring about neurological conditions. Here, upon diagnosis, your physician may recommend a neurologist. Reach out to the most trusted hospital in Siliguri city to see a specialist.


Common Neuro Conditions

Read on to know further about the common neurological conditions and medical solutions.

Given below are such health concerns:


Headaches are one of the widely experienced health complaints. From kids to old adults, almost everyone undergoes this pain. This condition has different classifications, including tension headaches, migraine, sinus headaches, cluster headaches, and exertion/exercise headaches.

Such pain can range from mild to severe and is enough to interfere with day-to-day living. The possible reasons may include - emotional stress, noise, alcohol use, lack of sleep, skipping meals, tumors, eye strain, depression, bright light, strong smell, weather changes, high blood pressure, hormonal changes, dehydration, some foods, etc.

Clinical care offers medications based on different ranges of headaches. Moreover, doctors prescribe treatments depending on the underlying cause. Plus, dietary changes along with quality sleep help keep your well-being in check.


Seizures refer to unusual, sudden electrical activity in the brain. If the condition stays for more than five minutes, a medical emergency is required. Focal seizures can cause loss of consciousness. In other instances, seizures can alter sensory stimuli like how a person feels, thinks, smells, tastes, etc.

Another type involves generalized seizures in which all regions of the brain get disturbed by an electrical impulse. Complications may be falling, car accidents, psychological issues, pregnancy issues, et al.

Specialists, on proper diagnosis, may suggest medication, a modified diet, electrical stimulation, or surgical intervention. All these recommendations depend on the condition of the patient.


Dementia is a medical condition in which an individual experiences impairment of thinking, perceiving, memory, and other cognitive functions. The majority of people who develop dementia are mainly old adults.

Undergoing memory loss doesn’t mean the person has dementia. It may have other reasons as well. Consulting the top neurologist near you can be of great help in order to reduce complications. Contributing factors may be older age, down syndrome, lifestyle, alcohol use, smoking, depression, cardiovascular disease, head trauma, and family history.

Treatments offered by a doctor entail medications, a range of therapies, and healthy lifestyle choices like exercise/yoga, joining supporting groups, quitting alcohol/smoking, and social activity. Get medical support at the earliest so as to strengthen wellness.


A stroke happens when there’s an interruption in blood supply to the brain or a blood vessel in the brain ruptures/bleeds. Ischemic strokes are often more common than haemorrhagic strokes. Without any doubt, this occurrence is a medical emergency.

Risk factors for strokes can be - high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, heart failure, unusual heart rhythm, obstructive sleep apnea, physical inactivity, diabetes, obesity, drug abuse, previous stroke, and family history. Receive A1 medical care from the best neurologist in Siliguri.

With dietary changes, managing the underlying health condition, and exercise, you can reduce the risks. Access to absolute diagnosis ensures promising recovery, offering treatments like medications to dissolve the blood clots, catheter insertion into the artery in the brain, or surgery based on the situation. 

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