5 Health Conditions Solved By Your Neurologist

5 Health Conditions Solved By Your Neurologist


There are several health issues that can affect a person’s life. Neurological problems are one of them that are especially connected with the brain and nerves and can occur anytime. Usually, when you’re getting older, you can face this type of issue.

Neurological disorders can appear in anyone including children, adults, or older people. To get the cure, consulting a doctor is always advisable. If the neurological conditions become severe, you can simply visit a hospital in Siliguri to get healed properly.

There are many neurological disorders that are cured by a neurologist, among all we’re discussing five important disorders that are common yet curable by your doctor.

1) Headache

Many people experienced headaches in their life. This is a common condition when occurs can cause pain in your head or face. Sometimes the pain can be throbbing, constant, sharp, or dull.

Headaches can cause due to poor eating and sleeping habits, emotional stress, depression, weather changes, and many others. Consulting a neurologist along with medication, stress management, and biofeedback can help to cure this problem.

2) Stroke

A stroke is a neurological disorder that occurs when your brain's blood vessel gets blocked or bursts. During a stroke, blood vessels are unable to supply the required nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Usually, a stroke can be a hemorrhagic, ischemic, or transient ischemic attack (TIA).

People with stroke often experience sudden numbness, difficulty in understanding or speaking, loss of balance, and vision difficulty. To overcome this problem, visiting a nearby hospital and taking a doctor's suggestion is always a good choice.

3) Meningitis

Meningitis is a condition caused by a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection and affects your brain and spinal cord. This can be mild, acute, or chronic, and lasts for a month or more.

Children and adults are affected most by the symptoms of meningitis. People with bacterial meningitis often result in paralysis or even stroke. To get improvement consulting a neurologist and getting treatment is a good option.

4) Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that affects a person's memory, thinking, learning, and organizing skills along with daily activities. Usually, this disorder cannot be stopped or reversed.

This disease is actually caused when proteins build up in the brain abnormally. This results in the death of the nerve cells in the brain. To get improved consulting a neurologist in Siliguri is important.

5) Cerebral Aneurysm

A cerebral aneurysm is a neurological disorder that can lead to a fatal stroke and causes severe headache. This occurs when a bulge forms in the brain and fills with blood. If the aneurysm bursts it causes bleeding in your brain, and stroke.

Though it's not clear what causes brain aneurysm, but smoking, blood infection, hypertension, and traumatic brain injury often cause this problem. To get improved your condition and proper treatment, you can get in touch with your neurologist.

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