Symptoms And Treatments Of Chronic Kidney Disease

Symptoms And Treatments Of Chronic Kidney Disease


Chronic kidney disease or chronic kidney failure is a condition that damages the kidneys causing slower kidney function which gets worse over time. It is important to maintain the health of the kidneys as they are one of the most vital organs in our body. Kidneys are organs that help clean keep the blood clean by eliminating toxins and other waste products, secreting several hormones, removing excess fluids, and more.


Chronic kidney disease damages the kidneys and hampers their ability to function normally which leads to the build-up of harmful waste products and excess fluids in your body. If you have this disease it is important to visit a good hospital that offers the best dialysis in Siliguri with quality diagnosis and treatment as this condition can lead to kidney failure. 


Signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease can be hard to notice as it depends on a lot of factors. In the early stages, this disease can cause few mild signs and symptoms that can be tough to distinguish until the condition gets advanced. Extreme signs and symptoms can develop over time with the progression of the disease. Some of the common signs and symptoms of this condition include: 


  • Sleep Problems
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting 
  • Muscle Cramps 
  • Swelling of Feet and Ankles 
  • Decreased Mental Sharpness
  • Dry Itchy Skin
  • Fatigue and Weakness
  • Loss Of Appetite 
  • Chest Pain 
  • High Blood Pressie 
  • Urinating More Or
  • Shortness of breath. 


The signs and symptoms of this condition can be nonspecific which means they can also be caused by other diseases. It is important to see a good doctor if you experience any one or more lasting symptoms of this condition. It can be caused by many different factors and conditions that affect the kidneys with diabetes and high blood pressure being the two most common causes. 


Commonly chronic kidney disease has no cure but in some cases depending on the cause some types of this disease can be treated. As already mentioned its treatment depends on the cause and the type of the disease present and normally consists of measures to control symptoms and slow the progression and damage of the disease. 


Treatments for this condition can include controlling complications by reducing high blood pressure, minimizing waste products in the blood, treating amnesia, relieving swelling, lowering cholesterol levels, and keeping bones and the body healthy with medication. 


Without proper care and treatment, the kidneys stop functioning normally which leads to kidney failure that requires the best dialysis in Siliguri or a transplant to cure. As chronic kidney disease can be hard to catch at early stages it is vital to visit hospitals for regular checkups to stay healthy. 

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