5 Tips For Managing Diabetes Treatment

5 Tips For Managing Diabetes Treatment


Once you have diabetes, it becomes necessary for you to manage your blood sugar level within the range. As the general physician in Siliguri has commented, most people affected by type I and type II diabetes lack basic awareness to stay healthy firsthand. It is due to negligence and unhealthy lifestyle, that the condition further deteriorates and becomes complicated. Here are the five proven tips for managing diabetes treatment and keeping your blood sugar level in control.

Alleviate Stress

Too much stress in itself is not at all healthy for your body. But when you have a serious diabetic condition, you have to control your stress level. Mainly because the hormones your body generates to combat stress are likely to raise your blood sugar level. To alleviate your extra stress try to learn some relaxation techniques like meditation. Don't forget to have a proper sleep cycle of 8 hours, and organize your daily tasks in order of importance to ease your accelerated stress.

Healthy Eating Habits

In Particular, you have to be careful about your eating habits while having diabetes. More than what you eat, it's about how much you intake in a day. So, have balanced meals with a check on excess carbohydrate consumption. Instead of white bread, rice, sugary desserts,  packaged food, or beverages, eat nutritious vegetables and fruits that maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Practice Exercise Daily

A routine workout or amount of physical exercise is an appropriate way of managing severe diabetes. Every time you are physically active with some aerobic exercises, your muscles are consuming extra blood sugar for energy. You can consult a professional fitness expert and plan your weekly workout sessions. In general, it is recommended at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises on every alternate day of the week for adults.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Those having diabetes must say no to alcohol at all costs. It becomes risky to consume alcohol afterward when the liver releases the stored sugar to offset the immediate fallen blood sugar level as a reaction. At least take an opinion from the general physician in Siliguri who has your medical history before drinking alcohol.

Don't Miss Your Medicine

Diabetes can be controlled with insulin and other diabetes medications. To lower blood sugar levels, it's a must to take these medicines prescribed by the doctor at regular doses. Make sure that you store the insulin adequately and do not pass the expiry date. Also, if you have other health concerns, try to talk with your doctor before taking any medication, so it does not react with your diabetes medicines.

To sum up, diabetes must be managed by adopting appropriate lifestyle habits. Negligence towards your health and uncontrolled blood sugar levels may develop some complicated life hazards. Consult the general physical in Siliguri today and get help.

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