5 Reasons You Should See A Cardiologist

5 Reasons You Should See A Cardiologist


A cardiologist, in simple terms, is a heart doctor who treats and manages conditions regarding your cardiovascular system. These doctors deal with problems with the heart and blood vessels. This blog tells you when you need to consult this specialist. Read on to know further.

Typically, people visit their general physicians upon experiencing palpitations, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, etc. General physicians, based on the individual health situation, suggest the patient to a cardiologist. You might talk to the best cardiologist in Siliguri town.

From food choices to physical activity, all play a role in the cardiovascular system. Unhealthful nutrition, high blood pressure, excessive bad cholesterol, smoking, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, kidney dysfunction, genetics, diabetes, obesity, long-term exposure to second-hand smoke, etc. increase the likelihood of cardiovascular problems.

Here are the five reasons why you should see a cardiologist:

Your general physician referred you to a cardiologist

This situation often happens when you visit your family doctor or primary care physician for heart health issues. Your GP may find some issues during health evaluation that requires special attention. Or, if you have a personal history of a cardiovascular condition, unexplained chest discomfort, or uncontrollable high blood pressure or cholesterol your GP can suggest a heart specialist.

High blood pressure

For chronic high blood pressure management, routine blood pressure monitoring and medications (prescribed meds) are important. Lifestyle choices like healthy eating, moderate workouts are essential. If you notice your blood pressure is not under control, get in touch with a heart specialist. Patients who have had high BP for years should consult a cardiologist.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol is a major contributing factor for cardiovascular disease. It restricts the blood flow, which increases the risk of stroke or heart attack. You can consult a cardiologist in this regard. Plus, if you notice lifestyle changes or medications don’t help with high cholesterol management, seek medical attention from a cardiologist. Visit the best heart specialist hospital in Siliguri.


Diabetes is a problem with blood sugar regulation. Either the body fails to regulate the blood sugar or the pancreas makes no or insufficient insulin. Over time diabetes affects the kidneys, heart, and other organs in the body, increasing the risk of stroke or heart disease.

History of smoking

Smoking is a common risk factor for multiple diseases. The harmful chemicals present in tobacco, such as nicotine, benzene, arsenic, carbon monoxide, tar, can make you more likely to get blood vessel damage. Tobacco smoking also increases the possibility of chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/COPD, lung cancer, etc. You might seek treatment from the best cardiologist in Siliguri.

Conditions like a history of preeclampsia, family history of heart disease, ongoing chest pain, swelling in the legs or feet, congenital disease, history of stroke, shortness of breath while exercising, or lying down on the bed are never to overlook. Make an appointment with a reputed heart specialist near you.

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